Affiliate Program

Unlock Your Earnings Potential with the FNP Affiliate Program!

Join hands with India's premier gifting company and become a valued affiliate partner. Elevate your website's value without any additional costs while enjoying the perks of a powerful marketing strategy and seamless online product sales.

Seamless Partnership in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Join
Become a part of India's unrivaled gifting platform by reaching out to us at Embrace the opportunity to showcase India's No.1 Gifting website on your platform.

Step 2: Advertise
Enhance your platform with the allure of FNP. Feature our eye-catching banners and exclusive offers. Drive traffic to our extensive range of products using carefully crafted links.

Step 3: Earn
Watch your earnings flourish! With every sale originating from your platform, you pocket a generous commission ranging from 7-10%. It's the perfect way to monetize your efforts effortlessly.

Advantages of the FNP Affiliate Program:

- Lucrative Commissions: Enjoy attractive commissions based on the sales value, creating a steady stream of earnings for you.
- Optimized Conversion: Benefit from a robust conversion rate that maximizes your revenue potential.
- Timely Payouts: Count on reliable monthly payments, ensuring you reap the rewards of your efforts promptly.
- Fresh Promotions: Stay ahead of the curve with regularly updated promotions and creative assets that keep your audience engaged.
- Simplified Tools: Access user-friendly linking tools that cater to your unique advertising requirements.
- Monetization Simplified: Turn your webpage into a revenue generator effortlessly with our seamless affiliate partnership.
- Expert Support: Leverage the expertise of our dedicated team, offering tailored guidance and creative resources to boost your sales.
- Extended Cookie Period: Enjoy an extended 1-day cookie period, optimizing your chances of earning from returning customers.

Start Your Affiliate Journey:
Ready to embark on this exciting partnership? Reach out to our Affiliate Team at and begin your journey towards greater earnings and online success.


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